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About Us

i-Yuva is a Haryana based Not-for-Profit Organisation that works towards empowering the Youth & the Home-makers (Women) in India, by adding skills in their portfolio, which gives them the fuel needed to get employed with a well paying job or even start their own entrepreneurial journey and create jobs.

What We Do?

Powerful Experiential Events

Connect with inspiring mentors, creative people & organise events for the Youth & the Homemakers of our nation.

Online Educational Webinars

Execute successful educational webinars related to upskilling, entrepreneurship and communication & personality development.

Virtual Training Sessions

Apply your creative skills by connecting millions who need help into receiving one-to-one direct virtual assistance, through Industry Experts.

What do we upskill in?

Fun is Never Compromised!

Play & arrange lots of games, standup comedy, street plays, music performances and so much more. At i-Yuva, learning is always fun!

Will you support us in our Mission?

Come, join us in our mission in empowering the women & youth by up-skilling them into getting their dream job or starting their own venture. You are privileged, but not everyone is as lucky as you, to be brought up in such a supportive environment. Let's together give them the environment they deserve.

"Abh Raja ka Beta Raja Nahi Banega… Abh Raja Wahi Banega Jo HAQDAAR Hoga…"

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