We are looking to collaborate with like-minded Associates/Organizations for partnership across the country. Organizations that are interested in nation building can participate and become our Authorized Training Partners.

A partner of I-Yuva would be provided with Staff Training, Fundraising Referrals and Techniques, Start-Up Kit, as well as on-going support. We handhold our partners in all aspect and also conduct examinations and provide government approved certification to the students. 

Our course curriculum is designed keeping in mind the requirements of various job roles that suits to a school dropout and are updated frequently to maintain pace with the current developments. We welcome upgrade and inputs from our partners if it aims at enhancing the quality of training.


Interested parties can drop an email to us on partnerships@i-yuva.org 

or Call +91 9650892595 for more details.

You can also fill your contact details below and we will get back
to you within one working day:

Corporate Partnerships and Funding

and long-lasting change can only be ushered in when all of us come together to
make it possible. Inclination towards social responsibility and contribution to
sustainable development is fast becoming the mark of distinction for leading
corporate and top brands. Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuous
commitment of a corporate body to improve community well being through discretionary
business practices and ethical contributions of corporate resources. Mallen
Baker—writer, speaker and CSR expert—defines CSR as a strategic act, “a way
companies manage the business processes to produce an overall positive impact
on society.” Integrating social, environmental and ethical responsibilities
into the governance of businesses ensures their long term success,
competitiveness and sustainability. CSR initiatives facilitate corporate to
build a dominant brand that reverberates with their key stakeholders—customers,
employees, government and general public.

I-Yuva  has
changed the lives of more than 2 lakh children by supporting more than 100 grassroots
initiatives in over 7,000 communities in villages and slums across 7 states in

Why Partner with I-Yuva
  • I-Yuva Foundation is an NPO for CSR with pan-India
     and widespread rural outreach, directly
    impacting the lives of more than 450 communities in the remotest of villages
    and urban slums spread across 7 states of India
  • More than 80% of funding for our
    welfare projects comes from the corporate sector, and consequently the same
    standards of governance and efficiency, and the culture of
    excellence flow through our own operations
  • we have already been able to channelize
    sizeable resources from responsible corporate, individuals and funding
    organizations, aiming to achieve the highest Social Return on
    Investment (SROI)
  • When we partner with an organisation, we strive
    to get it and its employees directly involved in our welfare
    initiatives, making them an active participant in the process
    of bringing change at the grassroots, making us one of the best NPOs for CSR in
  • We’re
    transparent:Our financials are public, and have been for over a decade. As
    an organisation, we are mandated to carry out an annual external financial
  • We
    manage and monitor our projects:We manage and monitor our projects
    stringently to ensure efficient utilisation of funds. Projects are also
    regularly assessed by professionals to measure progress against plans. Meetings
    with project staff, parents, children and community groups help us gauge
  • We stand for Lasting Change:We focus on mobilisation
    and empowerment of communities. Our approach gets to the root cause of
    these developmental issues – such as non-functioning schools, unemployed
    parents, non-operational healthcare centres and so on that keep children
    away from their rights – and enable change that can sustain itself.
  • Give
    your brand visibility
  • Partnering
    with us. Be a part of our endeavour to make lasting change
  • Enhance
    your brand image and be known as a socially conscious organisation
  • Give employees the chance to make a difference.

Institutional Alliances

establishes partnerships and builds networks with national and international
development institutions with the prime objective to connect to their domain
expertise, resources, and strengths, with its own developmental initiatives
undertaken at the grassroots level.

with the expansion and strengthening of existing programmes, Alliances at I-Yuva,
focuses also on bringing innovations in its programmes through this association
with the developmental actors of the world.

Adopt a Project

I-Yuva  acts as a link between you and your selected
project. We are responsible for monitoring its working through our Development
Support Unit. I-Yuva also continues to provide non-financial inputs to the
project, like training, technical expertise, build capacity, information on
Youth affairs, communication and campaign support.

When you adopt a project, you can choose to
support an entire project or just a part of it, based on its area of focus –
like education, health, vocational training, or its area of work – youth-related
issues such as the discrimination against the girl child, child labour,
rehabilitation of the children of commercial sex-workers, and so on. Some
organisations have chosen projects near their plants. Others have focused on
projects in a particular state, which they felt needed development.

For more information on partnering with I-Yuva or
to meet a I-Yuva representative, please contact the I-Yuva office  or write to us at webinfo@I-Yuvamail.org.

Cause-related Marketing

As a corporate, you can use your marketing
channels for innovative ways to support I-Yuvas efforts. You can focus on what you
do best – marketing, and you help I-Yuva in the process. We call this
’cause-related marketing.’

Some examples:
  • Donate
    proceeds from the sale of a product or service – We help organisations
    work out special promotions, from which a percentage of the profits is
    donated to I-Yuva.

  • Provide a platform for I-Yuva -You can use
    your goodwill and influence with your customers, clients, suppliers, and associates
    to provide a forum for I-Yuva’s efforts.



As a corporate house you can give the
individuals in your organisation the opportunity to make a difference in the
lives of underprivileged children. This encourages participation and enhances
corporate morale too.

I-Yuva’s ‘payroll giving’ is a simple and
effective option. The company’s employees contribute by sanctioning an
automatic deduction from their monthly salaries towards I-Yuva. This eliminates
paper work and makes the donation process easy and hassle-free. Of course, to
put this option into effect would require the consent and participation of
both, the management and employees.

Event Sponsorships

Over the years I-Yuva has initiated, launched and
organised events to amplify the voice of children and their rights. Events form
an integral part of I-Yuva as it enables us to create awareness on the situation
of Indian children and simultaneously raise crucial resources.

These events focus on specific issues – from
influencing child-friendly policies, to rehabilitation efforts in disaster and
natural calamities, to creating awareness on the situation of children. Our
campaigns have always involved the public, our citizens. Your support is
crucial to bring about social change in the lives of children and their communities.
By sponsoring a I-Yuva event, you not only ensure that your brand or organisation
reaches out to a wide range of people, but also partner I-Yuva in raising the necessary

Underwriting I-Yuvas expenses

In any organisation there are several
operational costs incurred in managing and maintaining the organisation and its
activities. Some of these costs can be underwritten by corporate houses or

At I-Yuva, we incur costs such as information
technology, office furniture, basic amenities, cost of travel, trainings, and
so on. By partnering with I-Yuva to underwrite our organisational expenses, it
allows us to focus on our programmes, thereby joining us in our endeavour to
create lasting change.

For more information on partnering with I-Yuva or
to meet a I-Yuva representative, please contact the I-Yuva office or write to us
at careers@i-yuva.org

Hold a Fund Raising Event

can help in organizing a fundraising event for I-Yuva.

you would like to raise funds for I-Yuva by taking part in a
sporting event (e.g. a marathon, cricket match) or holding a fundraising party
for your friends and collegues.

us at careers@i-yuva.org

CSR Opportunities with I-Yuva – CSR Projects by I-Yuva




has established itself as a leading partner for organisations that want to do
impactful CSR projects. With strong systems and processes in its programs I-Yuva
has been at the forefront as a partner to organizations. If you are looking at
programs in Education, Health and Vocational Training, you are the at the right

Our core strength is our
program design, as per the needs of our corporate partners. We customise the
projects as per the needs of our partners be it Location, CSR Thematic Areas,
etc bringing in the values that our partner organisation emphasises into the
project. All our CSR projects have a lot of involvement from our partners as we
believe that our transparency and their ownership of the project brings
collaborative success to the projects. In all our projects we encourage our
partners to volunteer as frequently as they can. That we believe is a large
step towards ownership of the project. With the implementation
of the CSR bill, corporates are looking to engage reliable non-profits to carry
out their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. I-Yuva has been the
choice of many corporates to engage with, and executes their CSR programs
across India. A good number of corporates also encourage employees to donate to
non-profits by matching the employees’ contributions.

Projects offered include:
  • School-centric
    Program – Education, health, sanitation and other needs
  • Digital
    Literacy Program – Computer centers in slums
  • Environmental
  • Nanhe
    yaar – Child sponsorship program

Corporate Volunteering:

has been a growing interest and trend among the corporates to engage their
employees in meaningful volunteering activities. While many prefer a
volunteering program at offsite locations or a partner non-profit, there are
others who prefer an activity at their own campus. To suit the needs of the
corporate, apart from engaging them in regular activities through the year, I-Yuva
designed and organized the following customized volunteering activities for
corporate volunteers like:

  • Sapling
  • Seed-ball
  • Spot
    fixing and Cleanup drives
  • Painting
    the school building
  • Conducting
    sports and drawing competitions for government school children
  • Recording
    of audio books for the blind
  • Paper
    bag making
  • Taking
    children out for outdoor learning experiences – National park, science
    museum, planetarium
  • Conducting
    awareness talks on menstrual hygiene (restricted to female volunteers)
  • Training
    children from government schools in various cultural activities
  • Assembly
    of school kits and distribution to the underprivileged school children

Our interventions are designed to include

  • Direct
    action addressing immediate, critical needs
  • Community
    mobilisation linking child rights and local pre-dominant issues
  • Stringent planning,
    monitoring and evaluation both, financial and programmatic

Our partnership takes the form of:

  • Grant
    • We prioritise grant-making basis
      district-level analysis of sustainable goals indicators
    • We identify grassroots NGOs
      and communities addressing the key issues

      Capacity Building:Build perspective and capacity in
      areas of

      • Human rights
      • accountability
      • organisation building
      • policy analysis
      • advocacy
  • Community Mobilisation:We believe this is the most
    effective long-term solution to the multiple causes of poverty,
    deprivation, exploitation and abuse that constrain the rights of India’s
    children. In recent years, we have spearheaded a concerted, nation-wide
    grassroots campaign in partnership with our supported NPOs that aims to

    • Authentic data on the situation of children –
      infant and child mortality, nutrition, enrolment, availability of
      functioning schools of at least adequate quality, child labour, gender
      and caste differences.
    • Workable models to achieve universal access to
      primary and elementary education, healthcare, livelihoods and governance
      combining direct action, community mobilisation and policy influence.
    • Nation-wide support from all segments of
      society for the policy changes including the constitution amendment
      making education a fundamental right and laws relating to juvenile
    • Grassroots community
      mobilisation aimed at ensuring universal access to equitable education
      through the Common School System and implementation of policies ranging
      from land rights through to the right to information.

      Networking And Alliance Building:The aim of
      strategic alliances or networks is to facilitate the transfer of learning,
      build solidarity between partner organisations and influence policy to
      positively impact the situation of Indian children. In short we interface
      with local government and other power structures and foster alliances with
      state, regional, issue interest groups. Through supporting networks, we
      provide a platform for partners to meet, share and learn from each other’s
      experiences. This enables the strengthening of field level initiatives. It
      also acts as a forum for perspective building on macro issues. We are also
      part of many state level alliances and national issue based alliances like
      the Campaign Against Child Labour, ECPAT, Donor Agency Network and the
      National Alliance for the Fundamental Right to Education (NAFRE)

  • Influencing
    Child-Friendly Policies:
    While we consider the state to be
    primarily responsible for ensuring the rights of children, we realise that
    we too have a role to play in impacting and influencing government
    policies towards child rights. We approach this through national level
    advocacy and policy influence through direct interface with ministries,
    legislators, alliances, networks and coalitions and the media.

  • Resource
    In the development sector there are
    numerous organisations that play a critical role of being a resource hub.
    These organisations have expertise in various areas of development,
    expertise that could enhance the quality of smaller, newer initiatives.
    These resource organisations work towards building the capacities of I-Yuva’s
    other development partners as well as non-I-Yuva supported initiatives. These
    organisations build capacities through innovative teaching methods,
    materials and training programmes for teachers, community works among
    others. They also play a vital role in policy influencing efforts at the
    macro level.

  • Nodal
    While we reach out to hundreds of organisations
    working at the grassroots level, there are many thousands more across the
    country that require support. I-Yuva can never reach out to all of them.
    Thus, evolved the need for nodal agencies. A nodal agency is in many ways
    a mini-I-Yuva, – an organisation that offers both financial and non-financial
    inputs to smaller initiatives in the same geographical region. The
    creation and support of nodal agencies allows us to increase our reach at
    the grassroots level, without a corresponding increase in infrastructure
    and personnel.


more information Please contact info@fyi.org /