A team of social entrepreneurship curators and creators.
A community of young changemakers.
A social enterprise.
A platform for good.


Meet people where they are.
It’s the little things that make life big.
Doing good doesn’t have to look a certain way.


How We Begin:

We believe that there’s so much more good we can do when we do it together.

The I-Yuva started as a social movement in response to the increasing negativity and apathy everyday.

And just like that, The International-Youth For Uncensored And Visionary Actions (I-Yuva) was born.

Since then, we’ve grown into a sustainable community and organisation.
We officially incorporated in 2017 and became a registered social enterprise. We have a strong and diverse community of almost 1200 youth who are fondly referred to as youth rangers. We work with creative agencies, government agencies, brands, schools, foundations, non-profits and social enterprises, to make the good in this world less hidden


We don’t see this just as a job,
but ultimately as a calling.

Based in Delhi, we tell impactful stories from all around Asia. Our team comprises of people from diverse backgrounds (media production, social enterprise, marketing, education, community development etc). What brings us together is the common goal: to make the good in this world less hidden.

The meaning and fulfilment we find in our roles far outweighs the challenges we overcome to grow and build this community. Which is why our mindset is geared towards advancing our impact by creating results and being accountable to each other, our community and partners. Needless to say, a sound understanding of our business principles and a deep acknowledgement and connection with the social need has kept us going strong.

We also have an incredibly supportive board – who have helped us figure out how to balance the business and social aspects of the work we do. Our very committed and passionate interns help us with our everyday work and enable us to see life and projects in a different way.

And of course, our diverse and wonderful community of youth rangers who are the glue to the work we do.